Can I just confess my huge love for depression glass?

If you look at the history of it, depression glass was once the unglamorous, red-headed step-child of dinnerware. Or, to us modern folks, the Wal-mart-Dora-the-explorer-melamine-ninety-nine-cent china of the 1940's.

However, nowadays, a tiny little candy dish goes for a good $15.00 minimum on ebay. The world is funny, is it not?

But, alas, I love it. Had I lived in the 1940's, I would have been hording that stuff like gold.

In all colors, shapes, sizes, styles, functions. I think it's gorgeous. I posted not too long ago about the beautiful set I got for an astounding $72.00 in navy blue that I can't wait to put in a gorgeous china cabinet for all to admire use.

In other news, I have finally printed out all of our wedding maps and have cut about 1/16th of them. No joke, there are 150 and I've cut about 10. I've got to print out the vellum pages with the wording and cut the scrap papers. I've at least managed to learn enough on my sewing machine to be able to make a simple stitch across the tops of each invite.

Maybe then these things will start to look pretty to me again. Unfortunately, I've looked at them so much that I look at them and gag slightly. Bad sign? Probably. But I've got almost four months to love them again.

Off to play the Sims.


It's Christmas break. The Sims + Jane Austen is all I've been doing.

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  1. Girl. I feel like we need to go thrift shopping together. Although we might have a fist-fight over some antique dishes.