Rainy Tuesday

Hanging around, like some kind of lonely clown

I love the Carpenters, have I mentioned that? Sunday night when I should have been here looking over my paper for Gothic Fiction, Robert and I went up to Chattanooga to visit Layne and Daniel. I'd never met either one of them, so it was interesting. We went to eat at this little microbrewery/restaurant that Robert's been wanting to take me to called The Terminal and it was pretty yummy. I had this awesome mushroom soup, which I will try to recreate, that was loaded with chunky protein-filled mushrooms everywhere.

Then we played 80s scene it, which, believe me, brought down the ugly age difference like a tempest. Remember, I was born in 87, everyone else, not so much. Needless to say, I got like, four questions. But it was still good, clean fun.

Time for breakfast.

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  1. The weird thing is, you would do better at 70's Scene It.