This weekend I'm thankful it's the weekend!

I have so much catching up to do this weekend. In fact, that is my goal, that by Sunday evening (or at the latest, Monday evening) I am caught up on reading and assignments. It is just too close to the end of the semester for me to be this lazy. I'm also going to spend part of today cleaning my room and my car out because, let's be real honest, I haven't seen my back seat in months.

Also, as of today, I've lost 69 pounds. I'll die the day I reach 100, but I can't deny it's coming. If I keep my butt in the gym like yesterday, I know I'll make it. And get to buy a wedding dress, finally!

I think I want to write a novel. I know, I know, all English majors at one point decide that and very rarely do they follow through. But, honestly, I think I'd make a killing on the story (all English majors also say that). The only problem is time. I've got to DIY my way through a wedding and struggle through the rest of the semester, so I don't have time. Any suggestions?

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