Not a complete 360, but, things are better today *phew*. At least my alarm went off! However, it doesn't help when I hit snooze until the last minute.

I am, however, getting to the point where I am excited that tonight is my last night at work. Yay! I think this revelation happened when I was looking through my calendar and by George, I realized that I am off Friday, Saturday... Sunday, Monday and so on and so forth! I don't know when I'll begin at UCS, but, regardless, it will be three days a week -max- and NEVER past five o'clock! That means (free) dinner times with family and possibly adding the gym back into my routine.

Thanks, David, for sending up a prayer for me! I should have definitely taken a moment in my day to do the same, but, alas, I am human and to be such is to err, thus our tactic is to complain constantly instead of humbling our woes to God.

Now, I must go and finish Much Ado About Nothing before class! Eep! Bad kid.


  1. I guess a 180 is good because if you do a 360, you'd be right back where you started!

    Have a good rest of the week! :)

  2. Agreed! Yay for family dinners and last days at work! YOU'RE FREE!