I have been thinking a lot about this wedding lately (surprise) and there are some things that I am just going to have to change.

As much as I love every single member of my church family, I don't have the money to throw a blowout for everyone to attend. I just can't. 250+ people is a lot of mouths to feed, a lot of bottoms to provide chairs for, and a lot to handle! A lot of tables, a lot of flowers, decor, etc. etc.

So Robert and I are going to make a list and check it twice and it's going to be a lot smaller than the 250+ we had originally considered.

Now, if I wasn't extremely anal retentive and a stickler for detail, I would say, you know what, forget the tiny little accents on the food table, and just put a couple more biscuits in the basket.. but because I do want beautiful details, everything will have to be cut back just a tad.

Hopefully, it will be beautiful, it will be all I ever wanted.. and hopefully no one will hate us after all is said and done! Hey, you're all still invited to my showers!

Sigh, I feel good about this. Do I feel good about this? Someone people reassure me that I feel good about this.


  1. Feel good about this! Everyone will understand..And it's going to be beautiful!

  2. Hey Nikki! Everyone has to set limits on their weddings! Don't worry about it girl!!! Our chapel could only hold a certain number of people, so we made a master list of all that we'd like to invite and only had to take a few people off after it was all said and done. People understand!!! :) Love ya, Jill