Don't fear the fat

I can't express how much I love the Food Network, and I think you all know this by now. It's crazy, I know, especially considering the fact that the extent of my "foodie-ness" is the small amount of talent I inherited from my mother and grandmother. However, of course, I live in the middle of cultural nowhere where the extent of anything classy or foodie-like are the dolma leaves that Kroger sells. So in the end, the Food Network is my outlet for that desire. Men watch porn, I watch the Food Network. Don't hate.

On a completely different topic -- I pretty much got sent home from school today. Yes, I'm almost a senior in college, but this year with this H1N1 nonsense, nobody's playing around. I thought I felt good enough to go back to class today, but once I got to my History of England class, I could feel myself sweating out a nasty fever and it was making me utterly nauseated. Dr. M noticed and looked suspicious.. so to appease him, the rest of the healthy students, not to mention my physical self, I asked Lauren to drive me home and made an appointment with Dr. C for tomorrow... urghh.

I doubt it's the swine flu, but at this point, nothing else would be making me this miserable. Although, if it is the flu, tomorrow will be the 7th day of my being symptomatic, and thus the last day of the "incubation period". So, we'll see...

For now, however, I'm going to pour gallons of water down my throat to make it stop being itchy and scratchy and am going to drown my physical ailment sorrows in some Throwdown with Bobby Flay.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!!
    And I would have to agree that it's a little pathetic that Kroger is our only source for classy/exotic food items..

  2. Sometimes men just watch the Food Network.