Worst week ever rant

No joke.. one of the worst weeks. The only way it could get worse is if like, my car breaks down and I get kicked out of college. Even then, I'd probably be so numb that it would feel better than the one hundred panic attacks I've been having. So, be forewarned, this is way depressing and whiny -- if that's not your thing, stop reading now.

First and foremost, my alarm didn't go off this morning. I set it for 7:45 and of course, 8:50 comes rolling around and my stupid alarm hasn't gone off. There goes the morning shower. I can't skip class because I have a mid-term on Thursday that I absolutely needed to prepare for, because otherwise, that'd be something else on the "Freak-Out" plate.

Next, it's raining. Yeah, okay, I like rain -- when I'm in my bed doing homework and I don't have to be out in it, cold, wet and miserable going to class. It's just annoying.

Then, all the while, I'm remembering that I still have to write my freaking newspaper article that I have put off until PAST the last minute, yes, my fault because I'm lazy, but regardless, one more thing to add. I have felt completely uninspired to write anything, papers, essays, journals, anything! So how in the frak am I supposed to come up with something witty and meaningful to the students of Shorter College?

And of course there's that parking ticket I got this morning. The second one in the last ten days. The one I got for parking just a LITTLE over an hour in front of the library. COME ON. Refer back to said rain and cold? Remember? It's COLD! And rainy! And I had to be there for like, an hour?!

Also, seriously, if we say we're going to eat right after class so I can go write my article, then loitering in the student union for 15 minutes is just not cool. It's annoying, especially to people that have a lot of shit to do during the day. I had to go home and do homework, shower, clean my room AND get ready for work at five (not to mention write the blasted article, get gas, go to the bank and find sometime to eat) and just because you guys have time to twiddle your thumbs and dick around the FSU, doesn't mean everyone else does. SIGH.

Let's not forget this wedding, of sorts. No one's given me any money; that's right, I'm calling you out, mom and dad. When it comes to this wedding, you guys are NOT winning the "Most Supportive Parents" award. Not a dime. Not an encouraging word. "Oh yeah, sure, I'll help you, don't worry" umm, okay, when we're having the wedding at Chicago's Best Hot Dog & Taco stand September 18, 2010 because someones couldn't get me a promised deposit, I'm not showing up. Robert and I will go to the courthouse and never talk to any of you again. Just because your marriage failed doesn't mean you have to be so unsupportive.

I won't even go into detail about all of the homework I have to do...
I also am dying for my prison sentence at FMC to be over, because honestly, by this point, I hate anyone that doesn't speak English that's in this country. Really? You've been here ten years and haven't picked up ONE SINGLE 'English for Dummies' book? How long's it gonna take? Cause one day, ain't nobody gonna be there to save your non-English speaking butt while you have a gigantic baby head coming out of your vagina.

Okay. I think the rant's over. I feel a little better. At least better to the point where I can function towards productivity. Sorry if I've offended anyone.

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  1. Wow! Now that's a bad week. I hope it gets better! Just know that we love you Nikki (for what that's worth :) Said a prayer for you today. God Bless.

    David Jacobs