I finally went to see Dr. Childs this morning. I've felt a little more energetic, which is good, because otherwise that visit would have knocked the wind out of me. I did, however, get a little queasy sitting in the waiting room, but fortunately I had Lauren and KP to drive me home.

Dr. Childs said what I had was NOT H1N1, thank Heavens, but that he's going to treat me with bronchitis and the flu so that I can get better quickly. Honestly, I would have liked to have gotten better by Tuesday because of school, but ughh, it's like my poor body without sustenance now can't heal itself properly. Took me long enough to get better back when I could eat like a normal person, but now I'm working with half the nutrition. Regardless, I'm going to school on Monday -- thanks to the SASS I encountered from one of my professors. Sheesh... it's not like they've never missed class due to sickness before. Next time, I'll just show up and make sure to cough and sweat my fever on them.

Now I'm going to get my happy butt in bed and work on some essays and watch Flash Forward. Maybe tonight I won't have to Theraflu myself to get to sleep... mmmm.. or maybe I will just for the sake of Theraflu.

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