I feel it coming...

Okay, so, maybe I'm being a little overdramatic, but who knows. I think I have the swine flu. Or the very beginnings of it. No joke! I am freaking out on the inside.. but because of my slave-labor job, I have to be out spreading it to the world (if the case is that I'm infected). There are a few confirmed cases at Shorter (don't worry, look for the news story in the Periscope!) and I know for a fact one of the afflicted is in a class with me. I've also been vomitting, having headache, other nonmentionable symptoms, as well as extreme fatigue and so on and so forth. The only thing I haven't had is a fever. Although, I haven't taken my temp, so, who knows! Again.. I'm serious.

I have felt like a big plate of scrambled poo today. It's been awful. I haven't been to class in two days (and if it IS swine flu, you guys better thank me!) and I'm dying to feel better.


  1. Big plate of scrambled poo.... HAHA! And ew.

  2. yeah, i'm still stuck on the "big plate of scrambled poo" part