Out the window

So, okay, I have a confession. The lowercase typing has caused me so much grief and guilt that I can't do it anymore. I am a phenomenal (ok, so, maybe an overexaggeration) English major, taking an outstanding Advanced Grammar class and I can no more put my audience through this linguistic trauma. So, forgive me, and I will henceforth use proper capitalization and punctuation. ;)

Today has been one of the busiest days at the hospital I've had in quite some time. I have seen over twelve patients and barely got to choke down some chicken for lunch (which, sigh, did not go over well since I am on the shallow end of sickness).

However, the day is almost over! I get to leave here at 4, and I will then recess to my room in my comfy PJs, watch the Food Network, and do homework.. which I have a ton of! I also want to do a little more wedding planning. Since school started, it has gone on the back burner, but no more! I have GOT to buy fabric ASAP to start making my table cloths/table runners... I can't put that off any longer.

Also, I am frustrated like whoa because a few months or weeks ago (I can't even remember) I saw a gorgeous DIY Save-the-Date that I completely wanted to make.. but I can't find it anywhere in my bookmarks, and I've googled like crazy and can't find it there either! It was a cute little library card envelope with the date stamped on, and a small strip of photobooth photos in it! I know I could basically just make something up along those lines, but I would love to find it and the guidelines. Anyone have any idea? Would be much appreciated!

Okay, off to write my article for the paper, and maybe find some water cause I'm severely parched.

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