Rainy days

I love the rain. I love when it's 3:45 in the afternoon and my room is almost pitch black dark because the clouds have completely concealed the sun and if you open the window (in particular during the summer) the wind blows on you, warm and sultry, as if God were cleaning the lenses on his glasses. Because, in my mind, God wears glasses. Big thick ones, ala Woody Allen. It would probably be a little blasphemous to assume God was LIKE Woody Allen, especially Annie Hall style, but, you never know.

I do have to make my way back to the hospital tonight -- until midnight, blegh. Rainy Saturdays are not meant for being cooped up in a windowless office at less-than-pleasant Incognito Hospital, but rather for the warmth of my bed and a big, fat book!

Then the word of the day would be cozy.

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