Lovin' this

I have recently fallen in love with the credenza. They are absolutely brilliant in that vintage 1970s Brady Bunch house style. I need one, and I need one that particulary resembles this one:

I know you love it.

Robert and I have been discussing furniture as of late. We were going to receive a few pieces from a friend of his sister's, but it kinda fell through because of all of our busy schedules and lacking resources; however, we evaluated and between the two of us we have quite a bit of furniture. More, in fact, than will probably fit in the potential tiny apartment we'll be living in when we are first married. (I already have the place in mind, exactly, and if we end up moving somewhere else, my dreams will be shattered)

For now, the only things we really plan on buying are a new bed (we want a queen, we're fatties and need our space) along with the mattress set, and possibly new dining chairs. Maybe. Big maybe. That's really about it in terms of large furniture. Of course, we're totally depending on those shower gifts for things like lamps and so on and so forth, so, we'll see. That's also what our "nest fund" savings account is for.

In other news, I think next week I'm going to look into buying a GRE practice book.. I've got to start doing some major preparing if I want to get into a good grad school.. because, this, my friends, will give Robert and I some light on what path we'll be taking after I graduate next fall. Where will we go? Nobody knows. Only the Lord.

But as much as we gripe and complain, we'll definitely miss this little place.

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  1. Beautiful credenza, and room--I love the gray walls with the white frames..
    Also, if you want you can buy my GRE book; it's brand new--I found out I have to take the MAT instead..