I finally did it!

I turned in my resignation letter at work!

I said it would be effective October 9th. I did the courteous thing and set an appointment with my supervisor for today so we could talk about it, but what resulted was that she let Martha go home and so coincidentally when I walked in she was busy (she couldn't possibly ask her HUSBAND, who is her EMPLOYEE as well to come in?) and I ended up waiting an hour and a half in the office.... so I just wrote her a note to go with my resignation letter and that was that. Was that a bad call? I mean, I had all intentions, but I had places to be!

Is that wrong of me?

Anyhow... may the Lord bless Mrs. Sikes who has moved our Udolpho quiz to Monday, so we have all weekend to finish it, and believe me, I need the weekend!

I have a TON to do before tomorrow, so, I'm going to stop playing around on the internet.

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