another day, another dollar

and by that i don't mean i'm earning another dollar (which, i suppose i am), i mean that's probably what's in my bank account right now. but you know what, i make the decision to spend the money, and we have a working savings account, so, there's no way i'm going to live off microwavable hamburger helper. i know that probably doesn't make any sense, but, cut me some slack, it's 8am, and i got three hours of sleep.

actually, i have twenty-two dollars until tomorrow, thank you, and a nice little lump in savings, so, go back to not judging me, please.

this morning i had all intentions of waking up at 6, doing my yoga, attempting a second poaching of egg and making my snacks/lunch for the day. however, at two this morning i still found myself tossing and turning and completely wide awake. i then proceeded to call lauren from my cell phone (mind you, lauren lives across the hall) and made her come tell me a bedtime story. it worked mildly, but i still had to force myself majorly to get to sleep. so, needless to say, i woke up at 6:45, brushed my teeth and so on, had a piece of wheat toast with low fat laughing cow cheese and packed my snacks for the day. for anyone curious as to what i get to eat now, i will tell you!

mid-morning snack (i have to eat six times a day, which, boy, lemme tell ya, way improves your metabolism)
1/2 apple (no skin)
sugar free, fat free jello

mid-afternoon snack
5 crackers (honestly, i don't know if i'm supposed to have crackers, but i eat them anyway)
2 tbs hummus

pleeenttyyy of water.

i haven't yet decided what to do about lunch.

on another note, laura of trialbycupcakes sent me the sketch of our wedding map! it's fantastic!!! i'm madly in love with it. it was the black and white pencil sketch, but, still, i freaking love it. i won't post it because i want it to be a surprise to everyone in their mailboxes with the invitations! =) yayyy.

*yawn* off to the real world, now.

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