good ole' southern gal

wants hay bales!

so, i've been looking at one of my favorite bridal blogs ever, green wedding shoes, and i've discovered SO many cute things. in particular, the bales of hay. now, although i love this:

it seems to me that the hay is a little far from the top of the table, and i don't want my cute little old folks to be uncomfortable. however, does anyone else see those gorgeous vintage lanterns? i'm in love in love in love.

on another topic, i've decided that restaurant food is just not meant for me anymore. no matter what it is... maybe a cup of soup, but, that's basically it. i'm not supposed to be having solid food for a bit longer, maybe 3 or 4 more weeks, but i can't stand it anymore. i believe that tomorrow i get to start "soft foods" but, i've long been there. most everything i eat at home that's "soft foods" goes down great, but anytime i try to have it at a restaurant, it just kills me. they must hide some secret fattening and sugary ingredient in the most common foods. for example, today i went and had lunch with lily and lauren at the sassafras, and on my plate i had a cup of chicken salad (wayyyy pureed, believe me, it was like a pate) and a cup of potato salad (not so pureed, but still... potato?) and i ate a little less than half of each... and i was like dying in the car on the way home. who knows. i'm just trying to behave myself and continue to lose weight. as of the last time i weighed, i'd lost 30 pounds since post-op, but yesterday i was way dehydrated and knew that if i did, i'd regret it.

in other news... i've decided to get the talented miss laura to do our wedding maps (robert loved them and so did everyone else!) cause they are darling. go to her etsy shop, trial by cupcakes, and you'll fall in love with all the rest of her stuff, as well.

*yawn* it's been such a long boring day here at work... but that's just fine with me because i was up until 3AM and woke up at 7! i got this book while down in tallahassee, american wife by curtis sittenfeld and it's amazing. it's loosely based off a real first lady (i won't tell ya who, i've figured it out, but it's fun to try and guess) and it's just so hard to put it down.

in fact, i'm going to go read it right now... !

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