my beloved

so my dearly beloved husband-to-be has decided to start commenting on any and all of my posts because i lovingly mentioned that he had not even read any! so, no one freak out, we are not having a bacon wedding cake.

in other news.. i'm feeling a little icky. both physically and emotionally. i was trying to eat my little cafe steamer, and evidently i ate something too fast because it is now trying to claw its way out of my stomach ... and that's all the gruesome detail i will provide. also, i've received like 800 e-mails from financial aid this morning and am freaking out. they always make my life a nightmare, every semester. i always think i've turned everything in to their pleasing, only to discover that there's something else. and that there's more mony i owe them. and more paperwork. and more little chunks of my life!

okay, so enough complaining.

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  1. I saw this and thought for a minute that it was my memorial and that I had somehow not noticed I was dead (but yet somehow still able to surf the interwebs).