it's about twenty two past my bedtime

i need to share a secret with you guys. i haven't been to work since last tuesday and i've loved every minute of it. my paycheck is going to be weak as poo, but, the relaxation i've felt the last week makes even that seem miniscule. i am now back, here, in this horrendous office and am dying to go home. my sleep pattern over the last week had finally become beautiful and organized, in that i went to sleep every night before midnight and waking up at 7 or 6am was not the end of the world. lord, what can i do to get on a schedule where i'm in bed before midnight every night? if you have a job for me, please let me know.

robert and i had the most amazing weekend. i'm not going to describe our weekend in detail because there were so many amazing surprises as well as emotional rollercoasters, but i will tell you this: anyone that is married, plans to be married or is in a serious relationship (regardless of the status of your marriage) needs to attend a session with these people. i can't describe how much we learned and how much our relationship grew just from this weekend. it's fantastic. we have new goals, we have new expectations, we have new love. if it's possible, even better love than before. we're learning to incorporate our maker into our relationship and we hope that through growth and maturity, our souls fall in love, as well.

so, darling, from me to you:

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