personal finance virginity

so, i've learned quite a bit about personal finance in the last couple of years. when you don't have very much money, you want to take that tiny bit of money and turn it into a lot, right? right. well, since i've had a checking account, i've always had a savings account, but, unfortunately, i've never been one to put much into savings, and i've never really earned much from this alleged savings. however, since robert and i got engaged, we've both been putting back a little money each month into a small credit union savings account. well, thanks to fellow savvy blog lady, mrs. newlywed, i have discovered the word of ING savings accounts. yeah, yeah, don't get political and preachy on my blog, guys, because, i did my research and robert and i decided that it was better to move our savings there. which is quite exciting. i also bought 'mutual funds for dummies' *don't judge me* and plan on making that my next personal assignment.

on a completely different note, i have been looking for some clothes for robert on ebay, because, really, let's be honest, that's the best place to find exactly what you want, in the correct size, and at not full price. besides, my love is very picky about clothes, so, why am i going to spend $60 on a pair of pants that he will not wear?

today, lauren and i had lunch at red lobster cause we've both been way craving fish for some reason. i love fish, and especially now that i can have 'semi sold' food. i ordered blackened tilapia with a baked potato (not that i expected to even get to touch it) and i forgot about the damn cheddar biscuits. so, of course, i made an attempt to eat one. i also forgot about the salad. what is this, america? why can't you just eat one plate of food at a time, and not fourteen? sheesh. either feed me the salad, or feed me the fish. however, i purposely "forgot" that i can't eat lettuce yet, mostly because i have been doing fine with it, but technically it's supposed to be too fibrous to digest right now. but, to make a long story short, i ate half the salad and a fattygreasycheesybutsofreakinggood biscuit, and was too full to eat anything else. so, i packed it up, and it's waiting for me for dinner!

i don't know if any of you reading this (if anyone reads this?) knows that i love to cook. i love it. i could spend all day cooking a seven course meal, and despite the pains in my legs and the heels of my feet, i would love every minute of it. so, of course, i decided to look for a blackened tilapia recipe on my all time favorite recipe website, allrecipes.com. i chuckled to myself when i found one called 'blackened tilapia with secret hobo spices'. okay, i thought, hobo spices. is that some sort of cultural thing? something culinary i've never heard of? no, sir! the person that posted the recipe actually found it in the pocket of a sleeping hobo beside some railroad tracks. well, we'll test his flavors and see if he's got potential.

alsooo... *drumroll* .. here is a picture of two of the sherbet glasses in the beautiful amazing gorgeous set of navy blue depression glass. i went and put a deposit on them today and they will be mine all mine next month! and by mine all mine i mean mine and robert's.

lastly, but definitely not least important, i am now in love with the bravo show 'flipping out' hysterical. kelsey, if you ever read this, this man is you in ten years.


  1. Nikki! I love the blog, and the sherbert glasses..

  2. You crack me up with your, how you say Hobo Spices?