they say things are better in moderation

but i don't know anything about moderation. in fact, i had to have surgery to help me with that, hah! so, again, i am blogging. i promised myself i would read some before i left the office, though, so i will do that as soon as i write.

today's been pretty steady, a little busier than most days, but nice. i am sooo glad to have the evening off; i want to do something productive. husband to be is coming over for dinner and then we're off to church. lauren and i liked the amount of people and the feeling of going to the gym at nighttime, so we're gonna leave from church and go there and back home. i reaaallly want to just spend the whole night watching doctor who and loving on the husband to be, mmm, that would be so nice. he's so spoiled and he knows it. but then again, so am i.

guys, i need a pet. i can't express how badly i need one. mostly, i want a puppy, but, i can't have one of those until after husband to be and i are married. a rabbit would be my next request, but even that's pushing it. so, maybe i can settle for a fish or a hamster. just anything. i want some sort of animal companion that i can talk to and tell people about his or her silly motions and make up stuff about it. we'll seee... the only problem is, the pet stores around here are really shady. maybe a trip to acworth is in order!