this, in all reality, was the find of the day on friday. don't be surprised to know that the first person to pick it up was in fact, robert! lauren lunged after it and without a moment's hesitation decided that it was the perfect obscure and ridiculous gift for our other friend, kortney. all girls my age (well, except for me, i was really into mariah carey and ace of base, instead) had an affinity for, of course, the new kids on the block. i know, i know, i'm a sinner in the hands of angry teeny bopper has-beens, but, what can i say? i was an innocent, and boy bands weren't really my thing until nsync and bsb came along. and nsync was always sooo much better.

today work was the same as usual, except i was in unusually high spirits. a beautiful couple, and i mean, like, movie star beautiful, came in and were from colombia and could not speak any english (in come i, the interpreter, although not as glam as nicole kidman in that movie). the wife was in extreme pain in the lower right abdomen (pop quiz, typical symptom for... ?) and i had to pull teeth to get them seen. now, floyd is usually on top of things when it comes to caring for their patients, the ER however, seems to have problems. i don't know what goes through a nurse's mind which results in the conclusion that a stubbed toe is more severe than a potential ruptured appendix. i threw down the patient's information on the nurse's triage desk, finally and said (in my most authoritative voice), "you're going to see this person next, or you're going to have an erupted appendix in your waiting room, and no translator to help you out."

long story short, they were just extremely loving to each other and gorgeous by all definitions of the word, and extremely thankful for my help. sighh, what a blessing. love exists and somewhere, deep down, so do nice people.

also, don't even judge me, but lauren went out and bought my vitamins today (cause she's the most loving seestorr in the world) and i can't explain how badly i want to just eat the whole bottle. why, you might ask... because they are FLINTSTONE'S GUMMIES!

anyway, it's like 8:30 now, so, i'm gonna go try to be productive.

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  1. The find of the day was the Darth Vader head mug, thank you very much.