now, for a real entry!

so yesterday was a fun day. robert was off and i didn't go into work until five, so we spent most of the day at the treasure trove, a cute little local antique store. i love the fact that i live in a tiny suburban town because antiques don't cost quite as much as they would in a large metropolitan area. i found a blue speckled double pot for $6 and robert found a darth vader mug for $8. i don't have any pictures yet, i've been lazy and my camera is dead, but i will post them soon! however, i did fall madly and deeply in love with a giant set of navy blue depression glass glassware and i asked them to put it on hold for me. the whole set is $72, but robert told me to think about it before i went crazy, which was good advice. i am, however, still in love with them. lauren took a picture with her phone, so the picture is pretty worthless, sorry!

they are six of each, a water glass, a wine glass, a cordial, and a sherbet dish! just lovely.

of course, these will be gorgeous where ever we decide to live. anyone out there?

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  1. Um, I would like first of all to state that you mentioned Robert's mug and in no way mentioned Jordan Knight or my AWESOME cowboy boots. Also, the picture is not worthless. It was taken in a time of desperation and was taken out of love. That is all.