mmmm lemonade

i really really enjoy drinking things, not as much as i used to, but i still do. used to, however, i would drink stuff really really fast, which i've learned is not a good thing to do because it fills your stomach up with air and stretches it out, as well. so i've been sampling all of the crystal light flavors, and they are awesome. of course, i try to drink plenty of just regular water, but, that can get kind of old, right?

so far, i've tried fruit punch, white grape, lemonade and peach tea. i love them all except the white grape -- it's just way too sweet and concentrated and blegh. sorry to anyone who does love it, but, it ain't for me.


okay, so, i have been on my poor little tootsies since the butt crack of dawn, i have seen like a zillion patients already today! okay, so, i've seen five, but, i've seen each one twice.. and in 3 and a half hours, that's a lot! and i did not make the right shoe choice, i know.. bad call, nikki.

in other news, i have been plugging away on my little wedding planner notebook that momda bought me. just for reference, momda is a mix of mom + vonda, which is my best friend, lauren's, mom. she's like my second mom and i love her to pieces.

i've been printing out pictures like crazy of flowers and dresses and cute ideas that i want and adding them to the binder. i love it. i'm crazy with all of this stuff, but i think it will be fun to look back on when trends and styles have changed and maybe when i have babies and they grow up i'll be like 'here, check this out!' and they'll be like 'oh mom! what were you wearing!?' and we'll have a good laugh.

in even other (is that grammatically correct? probably not) news, i went to see julie & julia and i LOVED IT. it is one of the cutest movies i've seen in a long time. most of you don't know, but i love to cook. i do. i could spend four days straight in a kitchen and love every sweaty, messy minute of it. plus, the couple is absolutely adorable and i just want to be married so bad seeing them. i want to love on my robert in our own home and watch movies and fall asleep together and cook him dinner.. ahhh, it's gonna be awesome.

anyhow.. that's enough banter from me. don't be shy, and please comment if ANYONE reads this!


  1. :-) I'd love to cook with you. I like the little crystal light things too, but I've not tried many of them. Do they have strawberry?

  2. Aww, you're cute. Reading my blog, commenting. I don't know, we need to find out!

  3. Y'all are too cute.
    Also, I think that it's a no-haps on the strawberry Crystal Light. I think they have strawberry kiwi, tho.
    I cannot wait for the wedding. So excited!
    Cute blog, Nik. :)