picture time!

so, i know it's been a few posts without pictures, and if you're like me you get very bored with text very easily (when it comes to blogs, otherwise i wouldn't be an english major!) so it's time for some fun pictures. as a disclaimer, i have no idea where i've stolen these pictures from, so, if you recognize one as yours, please let me know and i will give credit where credit is due!

first of all, let's discuss rock candy. i love it, it's beautiful, and it's going to go in our candy buffet. however, i would like to find some of these wooden skewers with the wooden balls on the end for another project, and can't find them anywhere! anyone know where i can buy these? i believe michael's only has the regular wooden skewers and nothing more. if you know, please enlighten me.

secondofly, i found this beautiful green and yellow inspiration board. the green is a little bit more springtime than mine, but i still love it. that darling little organic cake is something like what we'd like, maybe even with the flowers. just for cutting, of course. we don't want to intrude on the pies!

and speaking of the devils, here they are. isn't that gorgeous? i need to find some old baskets and pie dishes to put them in. let me know if you've got any!

i am freezing, as usual. and a little hungry, at that.

you know what i want to do? move to san francisco. that would be awesome.

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