not much.

to update you guys on today...

my life's been a little blur of boring these past couple of days. i went back to the gym yesterday! and it was awesome, i felt great. now, i don't want to go at 5 today because we tried to go at five the other day, and it was PACKED! and yesterday i went around 2 and not a soul was around... now, considering the fact that i'm here until 5 today.. i have a few options, and by a few i mean two. i can either go at 2, use that as my lunch break and come back to work rather sweaty, OR, leave here at 4 and go then... hmm.. what to do, what do to. my only problem is that, what if the gym's just as packed at 4 as it was at 5?

i'll think on it.

also, i've been SO hungry lately! i don't know why.. but a lot more than usual.

anyway, see? i have nothing of substance today.

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