i love tron, but i need to go to the gym

robert has brought over the OG tron and we were gonna watch it, but lauren and i haven't been to the gym since thursday so we're leaving robert with matt so they can watch it. boys, sigh, they're so silly with their bromance.

today's been awesome. robert came over earrrly and he climbed into my bed and fell asleep and i was wide awake and wanted to wake lauren up and scare her, but she was already awake. lame. prank fail. so, instead, i just went back to sleep and robert and i didn't wake up until like, 1:45!!!!

we ate lunch at santa fe with katie (yum!) and we spent the rest of the afternoon socializing and reading magazines at barnes and noble with andy and brent.

but anyhow, i'm off to the gym with lauren because i'm going to one day look like THIS. megan fox, ladies and gentlemen. yes, i have a massively gay girl crush on megan fox and my work out goal is to look like her. don't judge me.

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