new experiences

well, i don't know if you guys know, but i've never been married before and i had never had gastric bypass before until recently. so, if you don't mind, i'm going to try to capture these moments of newness in this blog from here on out.. i'm very whiny, and i talk a lot, so forgive.

robert and i are getting married (lord willing) on september 18th, 2010. it seems like far away, but i hope we survive this next year without pulling our own hair out and that this wedding can be the beautiful thing we want it to be, and that my surgery proves to be a success (and that i look smoking hot in my wedding gown!).

i've been looking hardcore at some bridal blogs today, which i have fallen in love with, so i'm going to attempt to figure out this blogger thing and hopefully start updating regularly! if anyone has any advice, that is, if anyone reads this, feel free to share. be nice, please.

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