mmmm lunchtime

i am so glad that i am getting in the habit of coming home for lunch. it's a tiny bit of gas, i get to eat something good from the kitchen (plus, it won't make me sick) and i don't have to spend any money! wooohooo.

it has been an awesome week. hump day is reminding me that it's almost over, which is great, because this weekend is mine and robert's prepare to last session! it is a pre-marital counseling retreat, and we will be spending the whole weekend at the awesome winshape retreat and we will be having sessions and activities to ensure that we love each other (check) and that we know what we're getting into, basically. i think it'll be awesome. i will provide feedback in case anyone wants to sign up for a future session.

wedding planning has gone on hold for a bit. i need to buy some fabric to get started on tablecloths (i know, i'm behind!) and mrs. angie gave me a fantastic website where i've pretty much found all the right colors. i did order some samples though, so i'm waiting on them to arrive.

school is going fantastic. i love all of my classes, except of course the education class.. mostly because i'm scared of the people in that class becoming teachers (not all, but most). i hope there's some hard core test that allows this to happen. "i'm gonna be a PE teacher, cause that's all i'm good at!" ughhhhh

also, friday night is the midnight breakfast and foam party at shorter! i can't make it to the foam party, as i will be in the preliminary stages of my pre-marital counseling, but i hope we can sneak off for the midnight breakfast. yay!

for now, i leave ya'll because i need to eat some lunch, yummm.

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