so much cuteness!

so i've decided to go through my wedding folder on my desktop and sort of peruse it and post what ideas i'm having. i have so much stuff, guys, it's ridiculous. but i just want everything and everything is so cute! even stuff that's not really that cute is cute because i'm excited!

first of all, here's the bling. i love it. i picked it out, so i better love it! it sparkles like magic and the wedding band is just like the band on this ring (as well as the anniversary band... ahem).. and i just love it! it sparkles in the sun, it sparkles in the moonlight.. it lights my path at nighttime when there is no light! ahhh, sigh, it's magnificent. plus, of course, when people compliment it i say 'you should see the man that goes with it!' :)
i didn't even know where to begin... i was overwhelmed. so, of course, i went to my all-time favorite wedding website: the knot. honestly, that's wher e every bride should start. it just sort of throws you into the world of wedding and there's a little bit of everything. you don't have to do anything they tell you to, but you get so many ideas, it's crazy.

sooo, i thought to myself, what does a traditional southern wedding need? a save the date. y'all don't know how awkward my family would feel receiving an invitation without having gotten a save the date card first. i know it's technically not an obligation, but, they're cute, and in my family, necessary.

i've basically had the theme of my wedding planned since i was ohh sixteen. i've always had a deep love for all things antique and vintage, soft colors and most importantly, birds and trees. weird, i know. but i love them! i think birds are absolutely adorable and trees are beautiful in every aspect. they're aesthetically pleasing (most of them are, at least), they provide us with oxygen, duh, and they are like the protectors and guardians of all pieces of land. it's like they listen to everything around them and they are like the most patient and enduring parts of the earth. okay, hippie rant over.

on to more pictures!

sorry this one's a little blurry, guys, but, i'm new to the blogworld, so, again, any help is very very welcome. i've tried using this picasa blogger uploader, but i can't figure out how to upload more than one picture per post. i'm legally blog-retarded, i hate to tell ya.

anyhow, this is the save the date that i fell in love with! do you see the birds? yes! also, you may not be able to see it, but on the bench is carved 'you+me'.. they are courtesy of wedding paper divas and are extremely inexpensive, but way cute. i didn't do much searching after that because i really thought they were so perfect.

as a side note, i don't know if i've mentioned this to y'all, but our budget is $10,000.00. we are going to try to do it with less, if that's possible, but no more! we will make cuts and sacrifices and do whatever it takes, but, the most important part is a) that we stay under budget and b) that we are in love and marrying each other. yay!

someone PLEASE help me with picture uploading. this is crazy.


  1. So, what are the cards with the little people, save the date or invitations? I like the little people with the big heads. I like the little birds on invitations too, and the trees... I know those trees are always trying to listen in on my phone conversations. The trees and the squirrels are definitely in cahoots (I almost had proof, but it got away).

  2. Hi there! Thanks for taking a look at my blog! I've been married for about 2 years now but was 19 when I did it so I remember those planning days like they were yesterday. You're right - theknot.com is the BEST wedding planning site ever. It helped me a lot with all of their checklists and things. And you're wedding ring is BEAUTIFUL! You're one lucky girl! Good luck with everything!