wedding party!

i love all the people in my life, and i love that i get to dress them up for the wedding. i have basically picked out everyone that's going to be in it.. but there are some minor details that i need to smooth over before i make a post about them.

the bridesmaids dresses are still up in the air. it's very difficult to choose a dress, mostly because my bridesmaids (or my tentative ones) are of such different shapes and sizes, not to mention complexions and hair colors. i would hate to be in someone's wedding and be the one bridesmaid that looks like complete and utter poo, so i hate to do that to my girls. for that reason, i've been very seriously considering picking a dress out for each of them.

to start off, i frackin' love j crew, i don't know if you know. i'm in no way of the "preppy" style, but lately they've decided to pick up a few way cute vintage and almost indie styles to add to their repertoire and i can't help but lust.

this dress is my absolute favorite from j crew's amazing line of bridesmaid dresses. if i had it my way, they would all wear this cut in different colors, but that would mean involving a tailor and a seamstress. is that an option? i don't know at this point. maybe... but isn't it gorgeous? and it just FITS. perfectly. gahhhh

dessy also has some relatively cute ones, albeit very traditional, but still cute. i was very much about the lace in the beginning (not so adament now, but i still like) and this one screamed out to me, in kiwi with the ivory lace as well as this one, in olive. don't judge, i love the pleats, but i'm not so sure about the taffeta.. right?

how expensive would it be to just have these made? cause, i really love the halter jcrew. and if we did them in a different color for the girls, it'd be fabulous. plus, honestly, i think that's a cut that flatters pretty much anyone.

also, i haven't really much pondered any others... i've got plenty of time.

i do, however, HAVE to have this flower girl dress:

and no offense, my tentative flower girl is the cutest kid ever. no joke. and sassy. so she will know how to work that wedding aisle.

enough rambling for today..

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